Vegas New Year

I desperately want to like Las Vegas. Dean Martin is possibly my favorite performer of all time, and who doesn’t love Viva Las Vegas by Elvis? I grew up watching Rat Pack movies, I love music, I love shows, I love food, and I love drinking, so I should love Vegas.

It isn’t anything like the old movies with cheap drinks, food, and shows. I paid $22 for a mediocre old-fashioned on the strip, we didn’t go to any shows because everything we wanted to see ranged from over one hundred to over one thousand a ticket, and you would need to eat like John Pinette to find a buffet a good deal. Aside from the strip, the city is dirty and shady, and about twenty percent of people drive like they are on the race track. I do not recommend.

Even so, Kendra pulled together a wonderful New Years’ Eve celebration for us. She arranged for tickets to the Neon Museum where they had all the old signs, which I find to be far more appealing than the modern screens on every surface. This was the first museum I did two full laps of everything on display.

After the museum, we had reservations at a lovely Tapas restaurant which had amazingly good food and one of the finest old-fashioned I have ever had. Kendra told the bartender to make her a special martini and she ended up with flames on top when it arrived. Overall, we had a delightful celebration.

May peace find you.

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