Aint Life Grand?

FOMO: noun informalThe fear of missing out. Kaibab Reservation The world is captivating. Most places we visit have a robust selection of culture, beauty, and — most importantly — food. You can fill every moment of your life with work and exploring. I strongly advise against falling into this trap. We had been in theContinue reading “Aint Life Grand?”

The Piper Predicament

We schedule all of our doctor, dentist, and vet visits in a single month so that we can travel most of the year. For very real reasons we decided we would move all of those to March instead of April this year. In hindsight, that was incredibly stupid. Let me start at the beginning. WithContinue reading “The Piper Predicament”

Sierra Nevada Thanksgiving

On our journey, Thanksgiving has become one of our favorite holidays. There is zero chance of us attempting to cook a big meal in our tiny living space, and many restaurants have fabulous Thanksgiving offerings. This year Thanksgiving finds us in a remote part of California among the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. TheContinue reading “Sierra Nevada Thanksgiving”

In The Beginning

Sitting idle at home base for two months leaves little to blog about, I felt the urge to write, so I decided to tell the origin story. This is the tale of my travels to purchase and return home with Tortuga, including the embarrassing bit. Fall of 2018 Kendra and I completed five years ofContinue reading “In The Beginning”

Oregon Coast

Undeniably, the most common question I am asked as a full-time RVer is “What is your favorite spot?”. Our country is overflowing with landscapes that will take your breath away. Literally, you can stand in places where you forget to breathe. I’ve watched other people do it, it’s not just me. The question brings aContinue reading “Oregon Coast”