We, my wife and I with our cat Cali and our dog Shanti, travel the country in a 2015 Winnebago View we named Tortuga, which is Spanish for turtle. It is a bit spot on, but it is our home none the less.

We purchased from a couple who had never really used it. They would occasionally go some place with full hookups, connect water and power and “camp” there a couple nights. They never used the water tank, they never used the generator, they never went anywhere remote and we are so glad to have given a much better life to our first RV.

Thus far we have made a lot of additions and modifications to improve our muchness. We have been off grid for as long as twelve days, generate enough solar power to almost never need our generator, and have hit a balance we like of going remote and spending time in civilization while chasing seventy degree temperatures. We show no signs of running out of improvements we want to make, so this section will grow as time moves forward.

– Improved suspension, shocks, and tires.
– Upgraded house battery system to 300 amp hours.
– Added 840 watts of solar power.
– Upgraded mattress and improved gas shock on bed.
– Added HWH automatic levelers.
– Upgraded kitchen faucet.
– Dyed the curtains.
– Painted the rims.
– Upgraded bathroom vent to Fantastic fan.
– Added an Extend A Stay system to allow external propane tanks.

The blog on this site begins at the beginning of our full-time transition into the nomadic lifestyle. Someday, I hope to add a Backstory page to record some of our transitional time as well. The story of flying to bring Tortuga home is worth a chuckle.

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