It felt good to be out of the rain

On our six-hundred miles of weekend travel, we took a left turn out of BFE and drove through the desert to a town with no name. It lies outside of Death Valley with a low three-digit population. Cell phones have no reception here. I was unaware we are still allowed to call a gathering of people without a cell tower, a town. Technically, with a population this low, it would be a village, but a village with no name doesn’t have as nice a ring to it.

The two of us have found the absence of people to be absolutely charming. We canceled our week inside Death Valley, opting to stay here instead. Obviously, you cannot have a town without a name, but Kendra was nervous that my power as an influencer could overrun this remote destination. I think she has overestimated the popularity of my writing, but I can roll with a town with no name… in a desert… where there ain’t no one for to give you no pain.

The area has much more to offer than just a delightful lack of people. It is a vast expanse surrounded by small mountains that make for amazing views. Every sunrise and sunset is enjoyable and amazing. A small cafe offers great food and coffee. The area is rich in history with many old mines you can find while hiking.

Kendra and I were stoked to find a slot canyon on our hike this weekend. We had been through Antelope Canyon, but it was a tourist trap that annoyed me, and this one we had all to ourselves. Kendra called it our first slot canyon in the wild. It was exciting to move through it and involved a little climbing. Near the other end a more enormous pile of debris turned us back, but we had a great time and might go again before we leave.

Last, and likely most important, there are active hot springs nearby and we have access to a couple private pools we can soak in. Combined with the top shelf peace and quiet, it recharges our batteries nicely. We had one of the colds going around that lasted over a month, so a recharge is due.

May peace find you.

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