Why we do the things we do

To be honest, our timing couldn’t have been worse. Five years of planning to downsize into an RV, approximately three months on the road, and then a world pandemic. WTF Mate? You have to make real sacrifices to live in a tiny nimble RV. No oven, no bathtub, no washer and dryer, no extra room you can go into and shut the door, and no damn space for anything extra like wet clothes and shoes. If you thought the pandemic was tough in your home, imagine shrinking down to a single small room with a curtain hiding the privy. After a year of sitting in one spot, because we are good citizens trying to do our part, we were feeling irritable and beginning to question our life choices. There are no upsides to living in an RV that goes nowhere.

Our home for most of a year.

Finally, we see our numbers are dropping, people are being vaccinated and we take the opportunity to spend a week at the beach. It rained half the time, our site flooded with 3″ of water, gale force winds for over thirty hours straight, and it was fucking glorious. We walked on the beach every day, even in the rain and wind. It reminded us that there are upsides to the RV lifestyle.

We initially landed at Ocean shores state park. It was supposed to have good broadband on all our carriers, but instead, it had full bars and no internet on all but AT&T which worked a little. I tested hoping I could work there, but it was not possible. This is only the second time we were forced to move because of internet issues. We spent the weekend there, enjoyed amazing Thai and pizza from the local restaurants, and scouted for a new spot. I wanted to put some pictures below because it was very pretty, but with the stress involved neither of us snapped a single shot.

I am calling it kismet that we had to move, because Pacific Beach was a half-hour drive north, much closer to the ocean, and the sound of the surf pounding the beach made for great sleeping. The sites were smaller and without trees, but the beach was huge and flat and glorious to walk on.

Was a little tricky starting it on the wet sand, but the steady winds made for a warm fire.

We are now settled back in near Chimacum to do some maintenance and get ready to hit the road again. Posts should come more often, and the world should be a better place for all of us. The pandemic isn’t over, but most of us are more prepared to deal with it. We will avoid the States with governors that have wet soil between their ears.

May peace find you.

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