The Big Dark

My last entry was in March of this year. My wife and I found ourselves in Mendocino CA with the world locking down and me having a health issue. You truly don’t want to know more on that subject, trust me.

We wanted to be responsible and do our part to help. At first we thought that would be sitting still, but when we realized the pandemic was going to be a marathon, we opted to return to where we have our own doctors. Washington or bust!

Washington hiking trail

My health issue was severe enough to prevent most activity leaving Kendra holding the bag for the logistics of getting us to our home state in a time of confusion and chaos. She found us a one month stay in Gig Harbor, and during that month she found a ten acre plot with full hookups we could rent for a year. I literally could not do this without her.

Eventually I made it in for a out-patient surgery and am feeling great today. I am working up my endurance for longer hikes as we sit near Port Townsend Washington. It is still a time of chaos with an American citizen dying every thirty seconds of a virus that millions of Americans think is being faked. Meanwhile our area is one of the safest, and insanely beautiful. Hope you enjoy the images below. Regular entries will come when we get to hit the road again.

Oh! I almost forgot to explain the title of this entry. Today sunrise was at 7:45 and sunset is at 4:18. This is the furthest north I have ever spent a winter and it is weird being a dark night at 5:00 PM. I know it is much more severe in Alaska with some towns that won’t see another sunrise until late January, but this is enough darkness for me.

Tortuga Living Locations

Hiking Pictures

The other residents

May peace find you

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