Sitting in Kanab post-vacation we were contemplating what we should do with our final weekend in the area. “You want to go to the grand canyon?”, Kendra asked. I had never been so, hell yeah.

I love that our lifestyle affords amazing experiences all the time.

The Grand Canyon

We came in on the last day much of the North rim would be open and found it to be fairly devoid of other humans. There were some around, but I imagine far less than the chaos of the main season. I thought the north rim was the perfect rustic experience. Many travelers I follow have harsh opinions of it, but the old heavy log cabins and rough trails were amazing.


We had boondocked near Sedona a few years back, but this time we nestled right into Sedona proper. The views were to die for, and being able to walk out for a coffee or dinner is something I have always loved. If I designed a city it would have parking lots on the outside, because nothing but emergency vehicles and public transportation would be allowed inside city limits.

The red rocks of this area really speak to my wife. I saw her smile more times in our two weeks here than any other two weeks I can remember. I was able to hit a great hiking path, without hopping in the car, after each workday. On the weekend we did an amazing hike to Subway cave, and we celebrated my birthday. I would definitely recommend Sedona as a spot to visit.

Superstition Mountains

By the time we pulled out of Sedona the days were getting colder and we were running the heat each night. We headed south to Pheonix for warmer weather and settled into the Lost Dutchman campground. Behind us are breathtaking views of the Superstition Mountains and in front a decent view of Pheonix.

Again I had amazing hiking right out my front door. Kendra purposely plans our locations to allow that. An hour, or so, of exercise after the workday does my mental health wonders. I hate driving to get to and from an exercise walk, so I very much appreciate that this has become part of her planning.

When we arrived I stared in wonder at the mountains and told myself I was climbing them. We did the research, prepared, and yesterday headed out early to accomplish just that. It was less than six miles round trip, so I felt pretty set as we headed out. I really need to stop underestimating the difficulty of hikes. Seriously, this is the second time in the last year I’ve vastly underprepared.

Half of the hike was spent on slopes steep enough that you had to grab handholds on the rock. Two sections were just a vertical climb. It was technically and physically the most challenging hike I have taken, probably ever. A good pair of climbing gloves, an ace bandage, and more snacks are going to become standard gear in my pack. I’d rather carry a little extra unneeded gear than find myself with sore hands and an empty belly at the end of the day.

The experience was outstanding. Certainly, a top-five peaks experience, and I highly recommend it.

May peace find you.

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