Chomping at the Bit

On our last weekend at home base, we have accomplished our entire wish list, and are excited for the adventures ahead. We love the area, but our home has wheels for a reason.

Last year, when I had my surgery, I began exercising with a one-hundred yard walk on which I needed to stop and rest. I set Mount Townsend as a goal for myself this year. A little over eight miles round trip with over three-thousand feet of elevation gain. It was a challenging and delightful hike.

Mount Townsend

I arrived at first light, was first one heading up, and had about fifteen minutes of the peak all to myself before the masses began arriving. It is blissfully far from civilization. You begin along a small stream that you can hear but not see, then work your way up through the trees with only an occasional plane in the distance to remind you people exist. Next year I might go up and spend the night, so I can see the sunrise from the top.

Lower Big Quilcene

As part of my training to be ready for the big hike, Kendra and I did seven miles in the same national forest. The Lower Big Quilcene is a lovely hike, easy to get to, and mostly flat.

The Rest of the Story

We really packed our time here with tasks, goals, and fun. We did a lot with Tortuga. We cleaned all the fans, as in took them apart and deep cleaned them. Changed out the kitchen faucet for one that is superior in every way. Painted the rims a lovely matching shade. The one picture below doesn’t do it justice, but as we get into more photogenic situations that will really pop I think. We also did a handful of small repairs like our refrigerator door, and front door. Toss in a full clothing shuffle from our storage unit so we are ready for the winter ahead as well.

Kendra squeezed in as many Zumba classes as she could. I learned to row and got out on the water as much as I could. Among all this we also celebrated our sixteen wedding anniversary at a lovely restaurant named Molly Ward.

The State of the Pets

Shanti really loves it here as she has a doggy daycare that she loves, and the park has a dog park so she gets a ton of socialization and ball. Plus she lays outside under the rig on her bed a lot to people watch. Cali isn’t as big a fan. She does spend a lot of time outside. but it is a combination of a little boring and a little scary for her. We have begun giving her walks, which she took to with fervor. She will come meow at us to take her walking. A lot.

Cali and Shanti Conversations #5

Cali: Walker, Cali Walker
Shanti: Oh for the love of Woof, would you give it a break. Going for a walk is not that big a deal.
Cali: Chuck Norris wishes he was me.
Shanti: And you shouldn’t ding dong ditch.
Cali: What?
Shanti: It is rude to come to the door, meow like you want in, then take off as soon as someone comes.
Cali: I don’t understand this word … rude? What does this mean?
Shanti: Remember when you were sleeping on the footstool and I stepped on you getting up? That was rude.
Cali: You are a clumsy dog, and I am a marvel of nature. I am not “rude”.
Shanti: More like a freak of nature.
Cali: One must train the servants, they are not very bright.
Shanti: I don’t think pissing them off is the route to go.
Cali: Yours is what is called a “Moo” point. It is like the opinion of a cow and matters not.
Shanti: I’m not the one likely to get sprayed with water, so knock yourself out.

May peace find you.

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