Home Base

Our time exploring is always wonderful, but it is also good to sit still and get some maintenance done. While we only spend three or four months a year here, Chimacum Washington is where we call home. We will remain here until October when we head out for more adventures.

We were invaded by sand and dust at a couple locations, my front door is broken again, rims need cleaned and painted, and we have never liked our kitchen faucet. I’ve already torn apart all three fans, including the fantastic ceiling fan, cleaned and lubricated them all, the part for the front door is in the mail, and the new faucet is in the car awaiting install this weekend.

Fun Stuff

It isn’t all chores though. Still plenty of fun to be had around here. A delightful hike available just outside my front door, free live music every Thursday night on the water, great places to eat and have a beer, rowing classes, Zumba classes, and much much more.

Cali and Shanti Conversations #4

Cali: It isn’t fair!
Shanti: What isn’t fair?
Cali: What isn’t fair, are you kidding me? We are in a gravel parking lot instead of a desert, it is cool instead of hot, I should have meals prepared by a top rated Michelin chef instead of goop from a can, and you get to go for long walks and I don’t!
Shanti: You spend most of your day outside, you almost caught a bird, and you get canned food twice a day. CANNED food. TWICE a day!
Cali: Yeah, lets talk about that bird. I had it! It was cornered under the car and I was unceremoniously pulled inside before I could behead and drop it by the door for the larder. Also, you set your bar far too low for food. I saw you eat rabbit poop. *blech*
Shanti: I love it here. Lot’s of dogs with a socializing space, good walking, good sleeping, lot’s of rabbits, and best of all, no moving!
Cali: I am going to aggressively clean you next time you fall asleep.
Shanti: *sigh*


Until next blog

Yet ahead we have a concert in Seattle, a ten mile mountain hike, and much more music, drinking, Zumba, and rowing.

May peace find you.

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