Set My People Free

Our country called for our help and we did our civic duty. We halted our perpetual travels, accumulated a collection of masks, and got our vaccinations. That is all we can do for our fellow countryman. The current fluctuating closures looks to be the new normal for years to come, so off we go!

Night One: Snoqualmie Casino

We had originally intended to spend two weeks slowly travelling our way to Arizona for some solar repair and upgrades, but fate laughed at that. Four days of all day driving was called for instead. We are out of practice at all our traveling skills, but they will come back. We hopped a couple hours Wednesday night after I got off work and crashed in a casino parking lot. I didn’t get as many pictures in this area as I would have liked, because it was absolutely gorgeous.

Night Two: Grande Hot Springs

After our first long day of driving it was great to relax in some warm water. I don’t think this is a place we would come back to, but it was nice to have full plugins for one day on the trip so we were set for the next two days off the grid. We had become too accustomed to unlimited water and power. Working our way up to three weeks off grid soon.

Night Three: Remembering it is about the journey as much as the destination

For our third night Kendra had found this off grid boondocking spot at Sublett Reservoir in Idaho. This was very off grid. Seven miles of dirt road on which we passed a full size bulldozer pulling a columbine and saw no other traffic. As you can imagine, a dirt road that a full size bulldozer utilizes frequently has a vibration that will loosen fillings.

There was no cell reception, no power lines, no people, and amazing peace. This is where the joy of travelling returned to me and I remembered that we aren’t just going from point A to B, but getting the opportunity to really see this amazing land.

Night Four: Utah High Desert

As far as I know the place we stayed had no name. We just pulled off the road north of Kanab Utah and joined many other people doing the same. Looked like many of them had this as there destination and had setup for a long camp. Gorgeous views of the red cliffs and many dirt tracks that people used to ride bikes and four wheelers on. We might stay here a couple nights in the future as it had excellent cell reception too.

Landed: Flagstaff Arizona

So here we are four days and 1,500 miles later. Flagstaff is such a beautiful area. At 7,000 feet it is much cooler than most of the state, and it has a very interesting environment dominated by the local pines. It is sunny, not too hot, and smells like warm pine needles. Our spot has too much shade so we need to run generator some, but it has great hiking and a disc golf coarse I can walk to.

Many miles of hiking trails just the other side of Torta.

May peace find you.

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