Unleash the Turtle!

As we prepared our home for sale, I thought about what I wanted to do with recording our adventures. As part of that process, I decided I did not want to give much in the way of advice. I follow several people and one thing they all seem to do is present their way as the best way. There is no best way when it comes to people. We are all unique and what is right for us could well not be right for you.

That being said, I don’t recommend traveling on a workday. Being on the road does not alter time so if you work from eight to five that is nine hours of your day. Packing up and moving on top of that is exhausting. We have gotten it down to about fifteen minutes tear down or setup, but combined that is a half-hour. Tack on a stop for gas and or food along with driving and you are probably close to a twelve-hour day. At fifty-plus twelve-hour days are undesirable. And whatever you do, never ever travel every day after work for an entire week!

That being said, we traveled every night after work the entire week. We had intended to spend three full days traveling from Ohio to Colorado then relaxing for two weeks as we meandered to our solar install. With the break down we lost that.

Torta was fixed Monday before my lunch which was faster than we had anticipated. It was just two wheel sensors and was under warranty. We had choices to make. We could stay the week in Indianapolis, the sensible decision that wouldn’t exhaust us. However; we would be in Indianapolis. Not that it is a bad city, but it isn’t where we wanted to be. We could drive two nights after work and arrive on Sunday to spend one week resting, but then I would be working or driving every day for a couple of weeks. The third option would be to drive every night after work and all day Saturday so we could enjoy a full rest day before the workweek. Over 1,200 miles in six days with a forty-hour workweek. Sitting here I think it was a solid decision, but I am going to nap soon.

1,200 miles on a forty hour work week. Don’t do this. 😉

The day stops have bled together in my memory. I doubt I could describe all five of them and I know I couldn’t name them. Until solar is installed I must have a plugin to work. Even if we did have solar we would have needed plugins for air conditioning this trip. The temperature was over 90 every day. One day the Weather Channel said 98 and our thermometer read 102. It was an arduous week, but I think we made the right decision.

May peace find you.

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